"You cannot know victory until you have known defeat"
"You cannot know victory until you have known defeat"
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2014 Canadian Firefighters Logo and Uniform Change

Canadian Firefighters Ice Hockey Club has announced a change in the team’s uniform for the 2014 ice hockey season. The
team has used the standard firefighter red and black shirt for the past few years, on January 1st 2013 the team released a new
logo and jersey design for the upcoming season. The logo and uniforms was charged to better represent Canada and the
diversity of the CFFHC team membership witch come from across Canada.  This change was made in preparation for the
team’s upcoming road schedule for the 2014 and 2015 seasons in which the team is slated to travel to Boston
Massachusetts, New York City, Russia, United Kingdom and Ireland to compete against teams from around the world of
public safety.

The new logo featured the famous Canadian Maple leaf with symbols from the native tribes in the shadowed background. The
top left side of the logo is red with a cut out firefighter holding an axe in the center, the bottom right is black, and toping the logo
off is two crossed axes.  The logo has already attracted much attention in the public safety community; CFFHC has already
ordered all active players new uniforms featuring the new logo and jersey design. As of July 2013 all CFFHC apparel and gear
will be updated to include the new logo as we phase of the old logo which was created in 2006 and was used till this point.    

You can see the new logo and uniform mock up below, at this time official uniform jersey are not for sale to the public but will
be following the 2014 season; however Patrice Jerseys and a large selection of other apparel are available in the team store
and at team home games. The new logo, apparel and team gear is all copyright to the CFFHC and may not be used without
the written permission of the team.
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